Monday, June 17, 2013

NEW Hourglass Ambient Light Powder! Get your Glow On!

Greetings,  Fellow beauty addicts!  I have some scoop for you!  I happened to get a preview of a new illuminating powder by Hourglass.  Just in time for Valentine's day (it's official launch date at Sephora is February 14th), you can always look like you have your own lighting technician finding your best light!  This is AMAZING, GORGEOUS and truly unique and a MUST have!  RUN!  Don't walk, RUN to your nearest Sephora,  Bergdorf Goodman, Barney's or Bloomingdale's!  I expect this to sell out very quickly.

I was not too receptive to this idea.  I already have a favorite illuminating powder that I own in every color and carry to EVERY last photo shoot.  Lorac's Perfectly Lit Powder is fantastic.
I will continue to use this product; However, I will be collecting every color of the new Hourglass Ambient Light Powder to use in conjunction or in place of depending on the desired effect.  Just so you know I sill love your powder Lorac, but you've got someone making something equally fabulous!
Ok, so what exactly is Hourglass Ambient Light Powder?  Have you ever caught a glimpse of yourself in a certain light and were captured by a romantic, "Oh, my Goodness!, I look fantastic!"  Ever notice how good your B.F.F. looks in the light of the full moon or how great your boy-toy looks in the the first light of morning?  Wouldn't it be great if you could always look you were in this light?  Well, you can.  When we think of how great our favorite Hollywood stars look, after we torture our self esteem we always say, "Yeah, but these people have hair, make-up, and lighting people".  Well, you can be your own personal lighting technician now.

But wait!  There's more!  So many of us have a fear of anything even somewhat relating the the word "luminosity".  Why?  Many of us tend to lump every degree light relectivity into two textures "shiny/luminous" or "matte/powdery".  It doesn't matter which of  these finishes you think of we have heard these textures can make our skin look older.  There are so many more degrees of finsh/texture/light reflectivity than matte or luminous.  For the same reason most of us tend to avoid anything relating to powder.  Hourglass has once again pushed the envelope with cutting edge technology.  Photoluminescent particles capture light, correct it, diffuse it, and manipulates it to our benefit.  You will be wearing powder, yet you'll actually look younger and your skin will look more healthy!  Plus, it will actually color correct and help any type of coverage products actually cover and wear better, like airbrushing?  Sound too good to be true?  I guess it is.  These products do everything I just said but they are not inexpensive ($45.00 U.S.) and you are going to want all of the colors.  Yes, all 6 of them.  Even if you decide to collect them one at a time so the initial investiment is not so shocking, you're going to have to decide which color or colors to adopt and give a loving home to first.
    The luminous finish isn't quite an adequate description either.  Yes, your skin will glow; However, you will NOT have a shimmery, glittery, or frosty finish to the skin.  A lit-from-within super healthy skin finish is what you will have.  And don't we all want that, especially if it makes us look younger?  Yes!  Of course we do.
    This product is versitile in useage as well.  Techincally, it is a finishing powder NOT a setting powder, but it can be used as both and also can be used as a cosmtic, blurring imperfections, color correcting or adding light anywhere you choose.  Play!  Have fun!  Find new ways to entertain yourself with this, in the end though you'll be using it everywhere everyday.  Hint:  Lay this down as all over eyeshadow color to nuertalize redness, blues  and puple skin and the give the whites of our eyes a more youthful glow.
    Do not let the color selection intimidate you.  Yes, there are six colors, and yes, they all do different things; However, there is no wrong choice.  All of the colors will look good on all skins, so don't stress yourself out.  And yes, it does pass the "ashen" test.  I applied this (all 6 colors even the white pearl (Etherial Light)) to an intensity 8.5 - 9.0 African-American friend of mine... and we were both thrilled with the results.  Just so you know my friend also has an oily complection and we still loved the lighting effect on her skin.
    Sounds like a technilogical marvel that has to be loaded with all kinds of things that are no good with us.  Again... They've got us cover.  Controversial ingredients have been left out.  It's oil free, fragrance free ( I did not detect any odor to this product though ), paraben-free, nano particle free and also Gluten free.  You can feel confiedent that this product will not call any attention to itself.  It is there to make you look more beutiful and takes none of the credit for itself.
    Colors from lightest to darkest, and as I'm told also from least to most pearl-ized and their effects are:
    Etherial Light is a cool white transluscent color that makes you look as though you are always in moon light. 
    Diffused Light is a pale yellow and mimics the way we look in the first rays of morning light.  The yellow undertown should help mimimize excess purple or redness of the skin.
    Dim Light is a gorgeous beige.  This is the most neural of the bunch and mimics the way we look in low lighting.  So natural, with the softest most beutiful pearl effect on teh skin.
    Moodlight is a very pretty lilac pink and mimics the way we look in soft, romantic ligthing.  This color will brighten complections and combat sallowness.  THis is a great color for brides, and gives the skin a great "I was just naughty" afterglow.
    Luminous Light is a gorgeous pearlized champagne with hints of a warm pink undertone that mimics candlelight.
    Radiant Light mimics a roaring fire and is a beautiful bronze color.  Super fair complections will get a hint of bronze from this color.  This is the only color with a very, very sheer sparkle, but do not be afraid it's virturally undetectible on the skin.
    There you have it!  Excitement!  So as Mardi Gras comes to a close, the Pope announces his retirement on Ash Wednesday the day before Saint Valentine's Day and all eyes are on the goregous complextions of the celbrities from the Grammys-- we're all going to be having so much fun playing with these colors we'll be asking ourselves "Taylor Swift, who?  Was Adele even nominated this year?"

Go play!  And let me know what you think!  I can't wait to hear all of your feedback.

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