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Oz the Great and Powerful - 2 new palettes by Urban Decay for Spring 2013

Happy Superbowl Sunday!   I can not wait to watch the big showdown between the San Fransisco 49'ers and the Baltimore Ravens.  As a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I am rooting for the San Francisco 49'ers!  If you are not a huge football fab and the Puppybowl is more your style ( I have to admit I am caught between two worlds on this one ), then, you may want to take a look at the two new Palettes by Urban Decay.  Look fast though, they are limited-edition and I expect they will sell quickly.

If you have not been on Facebook, checked what's trending on Twitter,  or randomly searching on Google, then you may not be aware that Disney is about to release "Oz The Great and Powerful" starring Mila Kunis as Theodora and Michelle Williams as Glinda along with a lot of other Hollywood fan favorites.  Mila and Michelle look AMAZING!  And Urban Decay is on all the glamour and fun by releasing two character and movie inspired spring color pallettes!  Just as Disney wants us to guess "which witch is which?" Urban Decay is forcing us to ask "Which witch palette is with us going home today?".  Answer?  Both! OMG!  Both! 

These palettes are GORGEOUS and versatile!  All the eyeshadow colors are "all new", though some may be vaguely reminiscent of previous or existing colors.  Both come with 4 full-size eye-shadows, 2 full size eyeshadow duos, a mini size 24/7 eyeliner, and a full sized Super Saturated High-Gloss Lip Color, and a hard-metal customizable carry-all/compact (all shades pop out and can be interchanged with any other full-sized Urban Decay eyeshadow (since the reformulation)).  Making what you take with you a truly custom experience.  Both palettes are completely wearable, fashion-forward, high-quality, and easy to work with.   Let us talk about the colors-- Glinda and Theodora.

    Glinda is spring reincarnate.  Fresh, clean, bright, light, colorful, multi-textured, and seemingly sweet and innocent.  At first glance you eye is immediately drawn to the shimmery colors and the blue undertones in this collection.  You may be tempted to think of Katy Perry, Brittany Spears, Niki Minaj or some other colorful pop princesses when you look at this color combo.  While this palette can certainly achieve an over the top, fashion-forward very bright and colorful look only meant for the daring or famous, it can also be used to achieve a very sophisticated or natural look. Remember, it's all how you work with your colors.  Aura is a duo pan with two gorgeous colors that every girl will want in their wardrobe.  One is a white with a blue iridescent while the other is a white with a pink iridescent pearl finish.  Aura will highlight and brighten any eye no matter how deep set or naturally shaded.  Either or both color will reflect light and make eyes look whiter and more awake.  Do not be afraid of these colors and I just don't see how either one could be over used on fair to medium skins.  Dark tan to Deep skins will want to use more of these colors (using them sparingly may make the eye lid skin look ashy).  If you are darker skinned make sure you use this duo generously; Thereby, making the look intentional (on your skin it will be a beautiful iridescent highlighter).  You will love this duo and be praying that Urban adds these two colors to their permanent color collection.  Fans of the AC/DC color from before the eyeshadow reformulation (the newer AC/DC isn't the same as it was before) will LOVE Tornado.  This dark purple shimmer is almost exactly the same color.  Tornado can be used to smoke up the eye or add contouring drama or used to beautifully and sophisticatedly  line the eyes.  Natural and nude eye girls can still use this color.  If you like shimmer and glitter you'll love the duo pan, Oz.   One side is gold shimmer with gold glitter and the other is silver shimmer with silver glitter.  It's beautiful and dramatic.  Magic, is a beautiful lavender subtled by a golden shimmer.  So delicate and pretty, it's perfect for spring.  Everyone will love the color South.  South is a warm gray with a very fine golden shimmer/glitter.  Brightening and neutral it's fun and yet conservative, perfect for just about any look.
     You'll get a mini 24/7 eye liner pencil with this palette in a very dark charcoal/plum purple, called Rockstar.  This is one of my all-time favorite eye liner colors.  Rockstar is  a great spring color. It can be used by even your nude/natural ladies to emphasize literally any color eye.  You'll see the charcoal but the plum will brighten your natural eye color like you will not believe!  You have to try this color. You'll also get a Super Saturated High-Gloss lip color pencil in a beautiful warm light pinky-beige.  The color and formula are both very nice... You'll love this.

     Theodora is gorgeous too!  At first glance she won't appear as eye catching and the girls that like the more nude natural eyes are going to be more attracted to this palette.  Do not be fooled by this palette though.  You glitz and glamor girls are going to get a lot of use out of this one too.  The colors are mostly brown with hints of a more olive green and a tiny splash of black.  You'll get more matte colors in this palette, and yet you'll still be able to add shimmer and glitter when you like.  Your duo pan colors are so much fun.  Jealous has a bit of shine without really being glittery nor shimmery.  You will just have to see this one.  One side is a light almost pistachio green, while the other is more of medium tone olive, leaning emerald.  These will look soft and nearly neutral on the eye and will be great for emphasizing brown and blue eyes.  Spell has a dark smoky black with a beautiful greenish-gold shimmer to it and also a golden glittery shadow.  Smoke up your eyes, make them shine, or both!  And when blended down these shadows still look beautiful on ladies that prefer a more natural look.   Bewitch is great for a more matte smokey look.  It is an expressive dark neutral brown with more of a satin finish.  West is very similar but has a more metallic finish to it.  Broken is beautiful all over shade in a light neutral/cream with a satin finish (this is great for blending your more smokey colors).  Finally, Beware is a warm medium chestnut brown with a matte finish.  You will also get a 24/7 eyeliner pencil in zero.  A dark black chameleon shade.  Lay this pencil down first and lightly press eyeshadow colors into Zero ,Voila!  Zero becomes whatever color you lay over top of it!  Or, wear Zero by itself, this black color doesn't smudge, run, or fade easily.
    You'll also get a Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color Pencil in a soft Red.  Ladies, do not let this color sway you in your decision to select this palette.  This color is soft, and yet "Oh! So glamorous".  If you have every wanted to wear a red lip but have been afraid to try, this might be the shade for you.  Just a note, if you've been wearing nude lips for a while, there is no red or reddish color that won't blow your mind psychologically.  You're going to have to put it on, and wear it around for 2 hours before you can even begin to judge whether or not this is something you can handle.  This is a great starter red.  And hint?  If it's still too bright layer it over another more neutral color.  This color can be blotted and will give more a a lip stain effect.  The ladies that love a red lip will find this warm/neutral red to be a stunner.  Soft and yet dramatic at the same time.  Give this color a try.

These palettes get even more beautiful when the two of them are mixed.  Try a dramatic statement eye with the smokey colors from Theodora while blending them with the light, airy shimmery, or iridescent colors from Glinda and pop on Glinda's lip color.  Or do a light fresh shiny eye from Glinda and pop the lash line with Theodora's smokey shades adding Theodora's lip color.  This makes the combinations and fun of these two palettes exponentially fun!

Do not be afraid to play!

So, tomorrow, when the guys are talking about the nearly miraculous almost come-back of the San Fransisco 49'ers, how amazing Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys sounded or YouTube - ing the "not-so-shocking" reunion of Destiny's Child during Beyonce's Superbowl performance, you can be thinking about all of the ways you can put your spring looks together with Urban Decay's two "Oz the Great and Powerful" limited edition palettes.

Check them out!,default,pd.html

You can also see the movie trailers at

Let me know what you think!  I can't wait to hear!  

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